COVID 19 Risk Assessment


Assessment completed by: Adelle Stoddart – Practice Manager

Reviewed by: Adelle Stoddart – Practice Manager

Approved by: The Partners

Date last updated: 02.11.20

Date of next scheduled review: 02.12.20

Risk title Description & consequence Mitigation Action by who and by when?
Spread of COVID-19 to staff This will result in multiple individuals (partners, associates and staff) becoming infected and possibly seriously or fatally ill


Vulnerable workers could be worst affected

Partners and staff (where possible) to work from home until it is safe for all staff to return to work in the office.



Taking steps to review staff members’ personal circumstances and individual risk or vulnerability.



Setting a minimum and maximum occupancy level for our offices at any time.

Putting in place social distancing markers and measures in communal areas including kitchens and reception areas


Any staff member who has symptoms of Covid 19 or who has been in contact with someone with symptoms must inform the practice manager immediately and must self-isolate.



Communication and awareness-raising posters referring to the above measures


Enhanced cleaning regime at all offices, including toilets, pantries, kitchen, bathroom, individual work stations and frequent touch points such as door handles, light switches and reception area using appropriate cleaning products and methods


Hand washing awareness and reminders of national health advice to be displayed and made widely available to staff.



Sanitation products (hand sanitiser, cleaning wipes, cleaning products) widely available.



PPE to be made available and protective screens installed in reception and interview rooms.

Decided by The Partners and Practice Manager and reviewed on a regular basis.


The Partners and Practice Manager to be reviewed on a regular basis with staff individually.




Decided by The Partners and Practice Manager and reviewed on a regular basis.



Actioned by The Practice Manager.



Actioned by The Practice Manager based on information provided by staff.





Actioned by The Practice Manager.



The Practice Manager to prepare a deep cleaning list to be provided to the cleaner at each office.  Staff to clean their own work stations and communal areas before after use.


The Practice Manger will display signs throughout each office and regular e-mails will be circulated updating staff of changes to safety measures.


The Practice Manager to maintain hand sanitising stations throughout the offices.



Face covering are provided at each office and protective screens installed where necessary by The Practice Manager


Spread of COVID-19 to clients or visitors This will result in multiple individuals (partners, staff, visitors/clients and contractors) becoming infected and possibly seriously or fatally ill There are to be no Face-to-face meetings with conference calls to be used instead


Limit on meeting numbers determined by available room size


Where a meetings are absolutely necessary, then meetings are to be staggered to reduce the number of visitors to the office at any time.




Seating has been rearranged in the meeting rooms and reception areas in accordance with social distancing guidelines



Enhanced cleaning regime, including before and after each individual meeting



Sanitation products (hand sanitiser, cleaning wipes and cleaning products) available inside each meeting room







No catering/refreshments offered inside meeting rooms





Pre-meeting notification (if possible) sent to all attendees asking them to stay away if feeling unwell








Social distancing in place in reception/waiting area




Limit on meeting times strongly advised and communicated





Toilets will not be available to visitors or clients



Any clients and visitors should be advised that they are to attend appointments alone.



Displaying the NHS Covid-19 QR code at each office and encouraging visitors who have the NHS Covid-19 App to scan the code and log their visit.



Arranged by the Fee Earner on a client by client basis.


Decided by the Partners and Practice Manager and reviewed on a regular basis.


Only one meeting to be scheduled at any one time, unless approved by a Partner.  To be managed by the fee earners and secretaries using shared diaries.



The Practice Manager has arranged seating in the meeting rooms and waiting areas and clearly marked where the seats are to remain.



The Fee Earner will be responsible for arranging for the meeting room to be sanitized after each use.


The Practice Manager will ensure that there are hand sanitising stations in all meeting rooms, in reception and in some communal areas. An identified member of support staff will ensure the hand sanitation stations are maintained at each office.



This is not something we usually offer but if asked staff are to politely refuse.




Secretaries to ask clients and visitors pre-set questions in relation to symptoms or exposure to Covid 19 when they make an appointment and to contact all clients on the day of their appointments to confirm that they do not have, or have not be in contact with anyone who has, covid 19 symptoms.



The Practice Manager will clearly display social distancing markers and posters in reception/waiting areas.


The Fee Earner and secretary should review the length of time required for each meeting and make it clear to the client, that due to covid 19 restrictions, their appointment time may not be able to be extended.


Reception staff to enforce this and secretaries to remind clients when booking appointments.


The fee earner and secretaries should make this clear to the client as and when appointments are made.


The Practice Manager to ensure the QR code is produced for each office and clearly displayed.  The Practice Manager to email staff encouraging them to use the App and QR code provided

COVID-19 case (suspected) in our offices This may result in the individual staff member experiencing medical distress on-site and could increase the risk of onward transmission of the virus among other people with whom the individual has been in proximity


If anyone becomes unwell with a new continuous cough, a high temperature or loss of sense of smell or taste in the workplace, they will be sent home and advised to follow the stay at home guidance


The staff member to arrange to have a Covid 19 test in accordance with Government guidance and to inform the Practice Manager of the test results.


All staff members in the relevant office to be informed and to reemphasise that no one feeling ill is allowed to come to work.





Identified staff members to work from home





Deep clean of the office of the staff member to be performed immediately.





Maintaining up-to-date contact information (including emergency contacts) for all partners and staff




Record keeping of staff members attendance at  the office each day to aid potential contact-tracing efforts and processes


Displaying the NHS Covid-19 QR code at each office and encouraging staff to download the NHS Covid-19 App


Actioned by The Practice Manager or Partners as and when required.




Staff Member




The Practice Manager will send an e-mail to all staff at that office and remind everyone of the importance of staying at home if they have symptoms or have been in contact with anyone with symptoms.



Decided by The Partners and Practice Manager and reviewed as necessary.




The practice manager to contact the office cleaner and instruct for a deep clean to be done, if they are not available then the clean must be performed by an alternative company or staff member.


The Practice Manager to update all personnel files regularly and remind staff to keep the firm informed of any changes to personal contact details.


The Practice Manager to keep records of this and update on a regular basis.



The Practice Manager to ensure the QR code is produced for each office and clearly displayed.  The Practice Manager to email staff encouraging them to use the App and QR code provided

COVID-19 transmission via communal resources or areas This may result in increased risk of transmission, including to/from clients and visitors Marketing material (brochures and literature), newspapers and magazines to be removed from the reception area




If advised that a member of staff or visitor has developed COVID-19 and was recently on the premises the management team will ask the local public health authority for advice and identify people who have been in contact with them and take on any actions or precautions


The Practice Manager has removed all such material. An allocated staff member at each office to ensure that any new reading material left in reception is removed.



The Practice Manager as and when necessary.

Mental health problems and poor wellbeing


This may result from increased stress caused by home-working and the lockdown, potential bereavements, increased caring responsibilities, elevated incidence of anxiety and depression associated with isolation, concerns about personal and family circumstances and job security





Adjust policies around home working and leave-taking to support working parents



Regular communication of mental health information and an open-door policy for those who need additional support

Provide assurance over measures taken to protect employees’ health and safety

Decided by The Partners and The Practice Manager and regularly reviewed on an individual basis.


The Partners and The Practice Manager on a regular basis.



The Practice Manager to reassure staff regularly and provide support as required.

Public transport virus transmission


Crowded and unsanitary conditions on public transport services Individuals who feel that they cannot travel safely to/from the office may not be required to do so


If staff members need to travel to work by car then private parking will be made available where possible.

Decided by The Partners and The Practice Manager and reviewed on an individual basis.


Offices which have access to private parking will relax restrictions and make spaces available to all staff where possible.

Safety and security at building entrance


There is a risk that individuals waiting for extended periods of time at building entrances due to social distancing and temperature checks experience adverse weather-related health impacts or could be subject to opportunistic crime/harassment Staggered arrival times for those attending the office should limit congestion



Staff encouraged to arrive and leave at different times and use multiple exits where possible.



The Fee Earners and Secretaries to plan meetings to be one at a time and not back to back to limit contact.


During working hours staff will be advised to use rear entrances or fire exits to avoid contact with clients at the main front entrance.  Staff will be asked to stagger lunch breaks and use of the kitchen area will be restricted to one person at a time. The Practice Manager to advise and enforce as required.

Non-compliance with government regulations


Risk that a member of the firm ignores firm’s guidance Communicate the importance of the adherence to the rules



Stricter enforcement of rules against people continuing to attend the office while feeling unwell


The Partners and Practice Manager will regularly remind staff of the importance of adhering to the rules put in place.


Failure to follow restriction or continuing to attend work with Covid-19 symptoms may result in disciplinary action.  Actioned by The Partners on an individual basis.

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