Residential Sale and Purchase

Our costs will depend on the price and area of the property, whether this is freehold or leasehold and the complexity of the transaction.

Our average fees for the sale or purchase of a property can range from £300 plus 20% VAT (£360) to £1,000 plus 20% VAT (£1,200) for a straightforward transaction, for properties with a sale or purchase price of £500,000 or under. We will also charge an administration fee of £15.00 plus 20% VAT (£18.00) for processing an electronic money transfer fee.

These fees exclude disbursements which are costs we have to pay out to third parties and which are incurred by us when we are acting for you. Disbursements will vary from case to case, but can include, on a residential purchase:

  • Search fees – these vary depending upon the Local Authority where you are purchasing your property but will be approximately £175.00
  • HM Land Registry Fees – these vary depending on the purchase price of your property (a Land Registry fee scale is available on HM Land Registry’s website)
  • Electronic money transfer fees bank charges – £10.00 plus 20% VAT (£12.00)
  • Bankruptcy searches – £2.00 per name
  • Official Searches – £3.00
  • Chancel Search (if required) – £10.00

There are some services and work that we may be required to do which are not included in our standard fees.  Please click here for Additional Matters which will incur additional charges should they be required within your transaction.

In addition, when you are buying a property, you will need to factor in paying Stamp Duty Land Tax; the amount due will very much depend on the purchase price of the property you are buying.

We will provide you with an individual costs estimate at the outset of your matter. The costs estimate that we will provide you with will set out clearly all of the fees that will be required to complete your transaction, to include on a purchase, registering the ownership of your property with the Land Registry and paying any Stamp Duty. If there are any unusual features of your transaction or complicating factors that will incur additional charges then we will notify you of those as soon as we become aware. Such factors could include:

  • If part or all of the property is unregistered;
  • If the legal title is defective;
  • If planning permission or building regulation consent has not been obtained;
  • If there is a delay in the provision of documentation.

To obtain a free, no obligation estimate please contact us either via this website or alternatively by telephoning us and we will be happy to assist and get back to you without delay. You can see the profiles of our Residential Conveyancers on our website; the person who will deal with your case will depend upon your location and the complexity of your matter.

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