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One of the most important things that you can do in life is make provision for your loved ones when you die. At any stage of your adult life you should always consider making a Will and keeping it updated. If you were to die without having made a Will, the Law sets out what happens to your assets. This may not be the way that you would wish for your assets to be dealt with particularly if you live with a partner as they would not automatically be entitled to your estate and may have to pursue a claim through the Courts which can be time consuming and costly.

Making a Will is straightforward but it is extremely important that it is drafted correctly to ensure that what you want to happen actually happens after your death. At Jackson Quinn we will advise you about the best way to deal with this and listen to your wishes to ensure that your assets go exactly where you want them to. We can also advise about inheritance tax issues.

Dealing with the Estate of a relative or friend after their death can be complicated and stressful, often at a time of great difficulty for the family. At Jackson Quinn we can assist you with dealing with the Estate sensitively and sympathetically.

We can assist in all aspects of the Estate to include discussing with you the deceased’s Will and your role as Executor, advising you as to whether a Grant of Probate is required. In cases where the person died without making a Will, we can advise in relation to the process of applying for a Grant of Letters of Administration. If after receiving such advice you wish to instruct us to apply for a Grant on your behalf we can deal with such an application and then deal with the administration of the Estate to the beneficiaries thereafter.

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